Tom Boon

Tom Boon has been a part of the New Zealand forest industry for over 25 years.  He joined Taranakipine in 2007 as CEO and shareholder after a long career within corporate forestry and wood processing companies in both NZ and Australia.   

•Originally staring his career as a forester, Tom after a few years became interested in the conversion of the trees he was growing into high value finished wood products.  This interest has not waned, and Tom now leads Taranakipine which specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of engineered timber building products sold locally and to export customers.  The most recent venture is the launch of Woodspan Ltd which supplies mass-timber engineered timber solutions directly to New Zealand’s construction industry. 

•His ambition for a successful and durable NZ wood manufacturing industry has led him to be actively involved in several forestry and wood processing national organisations over the past 15 years.