Temporary Works

For July, we have partnered with EnergyWorks to look at elements around the concept of “temporary works”. These are works that are there for a temporary duration (e.g. scaffolding, rigging, piping, hoses,  buildings) that often are in place to enable permanent works to be done.

Temporary Works often don’t need to meet industry standard and code, but regrettably still follow the basic laws of physics, and as such often require their own specific risk assessment and dedicated controls. Often, temporary can become permanent.

This presentation shows examples of temporary works. Use it to challenge what works you have in your own business that are considered temporary, what standards and codes they are managed under, and whether or not they have snuck across to being permanent.

Many thanks to Geoff Bourke and his team for this contribution

Todd Energy McKee Site Tour 21st June 8.00a.m.

Hosted by Todd Energy

Site Tour on 21/6/23 at their McKee Site 8.00am

People may want to car pool as you need to allow 50 minutes to get to site with current roadworks.  Please let me know if you would like to car pool and I will organise accordingly.

The address is 1334 Otararoa Road, Tikorangi

Please travel via Princess St in Waitara, then Inland Road North, then Otaraoa Road

The Facility is located in Section 5 of the map, in yellow.

We encourage following the speed limit at all times, including corner speed limits.

There are a couple of corners which have caught drivers out of the years!

There is ample parking in the carpark over the road from the facility.

If anyone has mobility issues we can organise carparking at the top carpark, on the same level has the facility.

Mens Health

Men’s Health

Our presentation for November is on Men’s Health, after looking at the statistics, (NZ Medical Journal) we have found there is very little research going on in this area, for every $1.00 spent on women’s, we spend .06 cents on men’s.

Our business community have the majority of our men at their place of work, so the challenge is going out to them to see what they can introduce to help their men.  We would like to share the idea’s amongst our business community, and hopefully we are not just talking about something for the month of November, but something that will be brought in and kept as part of their Company’s culture.

We sincerely hope our business community will take up this challenge and help give their men tools that will help them lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.  We always say our business’s are our people…..

Living with Covid links

This is a virtual session of Responding to Omicron lessons from Australia, and how NZ organisations are preparing. Huge thanks once again to Dr Ian Norton, Wendi Croft and Darren Evans for sharing their insights, and to HASANZ for their support of the GM Safety Forum.

The recording of the session is now available here: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/M2vP1X1S19OkNjZu-3banV6p917Oy3186s-mSxQBtyYgVPkGOJ8LfdZKhIe4S2ih.G3NTitCqR-soBbiE (Passcode: !MD1M2$.)

The Living with Covid Principles which the GM Safety Forum has published with Ministry of Health endorsement is also available online – a great resource: https://www.hasanz.org.nz/gm-safety-forum–living-with-covid-principles/