BeAligned Site Tour – Dialog Fitzroy – 23rd November 2022

On the 23rd November there will be a site visit to Dialog Fitzroy.  This will start with a short meeting, with coffee, ( we will have facilities that people can login to this meeting) followed by a tour of the working site.  We will have the opportunity to search for hazards/risks that may not already be controlled.   Hosted by Richard Ellis

Please wear your PPE..

Living with Covid links

This is a virtual session of Responding to Omicron lessons from Australia, and how NZ organisations are preparing. Huge thanks once again to Dr Ian Norton, Wendi Croft and Darren Evans for sharing their insights, and to HASANZ for their support of the GM Safety Forum.

The recording of the session is now available here: (Passcode: !MD1M2$.)

The Living with Covid Principles which the GM Safety Forum has published with Ministry of Health endorsement is also available online – a great resource:–living-with-covid-principles/