Todd Energy McKee Site Tour 21st June 8.00a.m.

Hosted by Todd Energy

Site Tour on 21/6/23 at their McKee Site 8.00am

People may want to car pool as you need to allow 50 minutes to get to site with current roadworks.  Please let me know if you would like to car pool and I will organise accordingly.

The address is 1334 Otararoa Road, Tikorangi

Please travel via Princess St in Waitara, then Inland Road North, then Otaraoa Road

The Facility is located in Section 5 of the map, in yellow.

We encourage following the speed limit at all times, including corner speed limits.

There are a couple of corners which have caught drivers out of the years!

There is ample parking in the carpark over the road from the facility.

If anyone has mobility issues we can organise carparking at the top carpark, on the same level has the facility.

Webinar – Management of Change – 8th August at 10.30am

In this Webinar, BeSafe Taranaki is going to explore the difficulties that we all face when our Management of Change (MOC) fails.  The reasons behind why we have failures in this area and tools that we can bring onboard that can help mitigate these risks.

We have 3 presenters that will talk about what has happened in their workplaces, the reasons why the incidents happened and learned outcomes.

Justine Peterson will carry this forward by providing some tools that we can take onboard and use breakout rooms, so we are all able to discuss and put our ideas forward.

Living with Covid Webinar – 1st March at 10.30am via Teams

Cutting through the COVID noise – focusing on what matters

This informal and interactive session is an opportunity to hear how various business leaders across NZ and in Taranaki are making sense of the current Omicron surge.

Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum Executive Director Francois Barton will share perspectives from NZ and Australian leaders on how businesses are preparing and responding to increasing rates of positive cases.  You will also hear how local Taranaki businesses are supporting their people whilst keeping their businesses operating.

Omicron marks a transition from an exclusive public health crisis, to a health-induced business continuity challenge.  This shift is critical to grasp for how we communicate and assure our workers, their families as well as our clients and suppliers.

Please review the invitation as there are links to some pre reading

You’re invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

Title: Covid Presentation – Francois Barton – Richard Ellis – National Road Carriers
Time: Tuesday 1st March  10:30:00 am New Zealand Daylight Time

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BeEngage Webinar 21st October 2021 – “The world of safety is changing, with disruption by new thinking and new approaches. Why is this? And what should we do about it? In this webinar we will explore the drivers for these changes, what they mean for safety in New Zealand and how we can lead the charge to better outcomes.”

Presenter Craig Marriot – General Manager HSEQ – First Gas

Craig has 30 years’ experience managing safety in high-hazard industries. Following a career in the UK nuclear industry he moved to Taranaki in 2008. Since then he has worked here in NZ and consulted internationally, supporting organisations ranging from a fertiliser manufacture in the US, to a government educational foundation in Qatar.
Craig is a strong advocate of challenging conventional safety thinking and author of the book Challenging the Safety Quo. He is known for bringing a pragmatic approach to translate health and safety management theory into workable solutions. Craig is the General Manager HSEQ at Firstgas Group.

Title: Engage Webinar – Craig Marriot
Time: Thursday, 21 October 2021 10:30:00 am New Zealand Daylight Time

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